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Instructions to Author

 The ‘Esculapio’ agrees to accept manuscripts prepared in accordance with the “Uniform Requirements submitted to the Biomedical Journals” as approved by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines.

 General Instructions:

1. Manuscript must be written in British English.

2. Manuscript should be typed on A-4 size paper (8.5 x 11 inches or 21.6 x27 cm) white paper with margins of 1 inch.

3. Type on one side of the paper with double spacing.

4. All pages should be numbered on the lower right hand side of manuscript.

5. Manuscript should be submitted with a covering letter signed by all authors, clearly mentioning name of corresponding author.

6. Sequence of authors, once signed and submitted, cannot be changed.

7. Clearly identify full names, designations, qualifications, e-mails and institutes of all the authors.

8. The journal will only contact to corresponding author.

9. Authors should provide declaration of conflict of interest and funding information with regard to the research.

10. Explain role of each author in the study next to the title page.

11. Authors must also submit a copy of ethical permission letter from the institutional review board or institution head where the research study was conducted.


Instructions about formats of different manuscripts:

1. Original Research Article:

a. Should be written under following headings, “. Abstract, Introduction, Material & Method, Result, Discussion, Conclusion”.

b. 2000-2500 words, excluding abstract and references.

c. Maximum 4 tables or figures.

d. 8-25 references.

e. Should be exclusively submitted to Esculapio.

2. Review Article:

a. 2000-3000 words, excluding abstract and references.

b. Maximum 5 tables or figures.

c. Maximum 35 references.

3. Case Report:

a. 1000-1500 words, excluding abstract and references.

b. Maximum 2 tables or figures.

c. 8-15 references.

d. Should be written under following headings, “. Abstract, Introduction, Case Report, Discussion, References”.

4. Editorial:

a. Up to 1000 words, excluding abstract and references.

b. 8-20 references.

5. Letter to Editor, Short Communication:

a. 500-800 words.

b. Maximum 4 tables or figures.

6. C.M.E Articles, Practice Guidelines:

a. 1000-1500 words.

b. Maximum 3 figures or tables.

c. 8-20 references.

7. Structured Abstract:

a. Should be structured.

b. Approx 250 words.

c. Under headings of, “Objective, Materials and methods, Results, Conclusion, Keywords”.

d. Keywords must be according to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH), List of Index.

Download PDF: Instruction for article submission to Esculapio

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