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Article Processing

Esculapio Step-wise Review Process:


1. Both soft and hard copies will be received in the office of Esculapio.

2. Acknowledgement e-mail will be sent to corresponding author.

3. First review by in-house editorial staff and statistician.

4. Manuscript is checked for plagiarism.

5. Letter of acceptance is sent to corresponding author, if manuscript is made according to ICMJE guidelines.

6. After initial review, article will be sent for peer-review anonymously (specialty oriented).

7. Reviewer’s comments will be communicated to corresponding author, if any, and asked for revision of article.

8. Revised version will be reassessed by editor.

9. If any changes are made at this stage, final version is again sent via e-mail to corresponding author for approval.

10. Corresponding author has to submit hard copy along with e-mail reply to approve the manuscript.

11. If corresponding author fails to respond within 3 days, it will be finalized for printing by editor as such.



Download PDF: Summarized article flow after submission.

 Also Visit: Instructions to Author.

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